Dream Field Comics Closes

15th June 2010

It's been an amazing ride. More than 5 years of publishing, six major releases, record-breaking sales online and at conventions and 3 of our books nominated for community awards.

We set new standards in quality and were one of the first furry publishers to lead the way with full color printing.

But all good things come to an end. It's time for us all to move on to other things and end on a high.

Dream Field Comics is now closed and will no longer be publishing any of its former titles.

We can never thank everyone enough for your support and encouragement through the tough times and the best times in our history.

The response and acceptance we got from the community was surprising and wonderful.

The projects that were listed as "in progress" may still be published privately. Please contact the artists for more details.

The Dream Field Comics email address will no longer be checked.

Don't be sad this part of the journey is over. We all dared to do something that changed our little bit of the world in a good way forever. Those opportunities don't come often in a lifetime!